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2017 08 06 - Backing it up at Seaford

Met Stu S early at Seaford to hit the cold water and brisk wind one more time.  Tried some triple rotations on both sides, no landings but no spankings either so that's a win.  Stu S was getting some magnificent carves in on the surfboard, great to watch.

2017 08 05 - Now time for tricks and jumps

not that many of them ended well.  Tried all sorts of rotational jumps, grabs, board offs, transitions, kiteloops, and riding blind.  All fun, not all fluent.  The most fun was riding along the waves and carving the ones that were walling up.  James and I had a hell of a lot of fun.

2017 08 05 - Rosebud to Mt Martha

Kiting weekend - so time for an epic adventure.  James and Pete joined me in Rosebud - we hatched plans to cross the bay, or go out to popes eye, but the prevailing wind made a down and back trip from Rosebud to Mt Martha a much more appealing option.  Heaps of wind - which seemed to get stronger around safety beach - made it pretty much one tack to get there and back.  Still required a bit of perserverance to hold a line and some variation to keep from cramping up.