2017 08 05 - Rosebud to Mt Martha

Kiting weekend - so time for an epic adventure.  James and Pete joined me in Rosebud - we hatched plans to cross the bay, or go out to popes eye, but the prevailing wind made a down and back trip from Rosebud to Mt Martha a much more appealing option.  Heaps of wind - which seemed to get stronger around safety beach - made it pretty much one tack to get there and back.  Still required a bit of perserverance to hold a line and some variation to keep from cramping up.

Interesting shadow figure

James in the background in the Mt Martha surf

Nice big stack - they don't all land cleanly - and this one particularly not

Big rolling swell of safety beach

Crazy board position - I can't imagine this jump ended well

Back to rosebud...and ready for a massive lunch


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