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2016 12 28 Narrabean

Big shore break, currents and choppy as hell.  And some poor bugger was trying to learn there and got consistently smashed in the shore break.

Spectacular views, beautiful beach but definitely no kiting paradise.

2016 12 21 - Wilson again - hell yeah

Capped off the day with another session after our walk to squeaky beach.  Magnificent.

2016 12 21 - Good morning Wilson

Wind fairly howling so I broke out the little kite for another magical session at the Prom.

2016 12 20 - Hello Wilson

This place is just a delight.  Heaps of wind around, beautiful clear waters, nice surf, flat water.  It doesn't get any better.

Midway through the session I thought I spotted the ugliest skinny man ever bodysurfing out a fair way.  Turned out to be a seal jumping into the waves repeatedly, tried to get him on camera but no luck.

2016 12 17 - hell yeah

Big wind blew up, headed down to Hampton with the little kite to get some big waves.  Saw Pete and anthony, did a quick tour down to Green point.

2016 12 11 - Beautiful afternoon at Hampton

Met up with Stu Styles and Anthony down at Hampton for an afternoon delight.  Unusually there were quite a few beginners down there, and 3 girls !  Went for the doubles again, double backroll and double forward rolls.  Also backroll kiteloops on both sides - I keep landing these toeside on my non preferred and can't quite work it out.
Spectacular session - blue skies and clear water.

2016 12 09 - Cracking wind at Port

Taz and I headed down to Port after work and hit up with Dan.  Fantastic wind all day, and I had been itching to get out again following a self imposed exile after the Tassie trip.
We quickly headed down to South Melbourne where a nice couple of waves were beckoning.  I was concentrating on pulling off 720 back rotations, which landed ok on both sides.  Lots of decent air also.  At the end, headed back to Port where one chaotic fool almost took me out stacking his kite right in front of me.  It's no place for beginners !
Athol was at the beach and took a couple of shots - he takes amazing photos.  He was only there for a couple of minutes but the quality of the shots is extraordinary.

Photos courtesy of Athol Hill (

2016 11 28 - Topping it off at Port Sorrell

With the day before becoming a rest day due to lack of forecasted wind, we were all super keen to get out on the water prior to our flight.  We delayed getting to the beach at Port Sorrell and arrived just as the wind hit.

The place is an amazing setup.  Yet another river delta, with a ton of flat water and a nearby national park beach just ripe for exploring.  Soon after setting up we all headed up wind as quickly as possible, to take advantage of the amazing flat water, and to escape the river delta for an upwind/downwind experience.

I tore up the beach and headed out through the heads, cutting across some protruding coral reef.  The pristine beach to the east opened up, I took a couple of runs downwind to bathe in the spectacular clear Tassie water.  I'd adopted short legs by now and no booties - not cold but you could certainly feel the difference when you were in shallow or deeper water.  Once closer to the beach I realised that the wind had swung more westerly, making it a…