2016 11 26 - Marrawah take 2

After such an amazing first day, what better way to back it up than to do it all over again.

We grabbed breakfast material from the local shop, and cooked up some bacon and eggs for breakfast at the sensational beach setup.  A little rotondah right on the beach with 2 bbqs and a toilet block - amazing facilities.  The wind was a bit lighter so we managed to break out the big kites.  Same pattern as yesterday, heaps of amazing waves to ride, good wind and a ton of fun.

On the downside - I mucked up the camera position again so not many good shots of me, but heaps of the rest of the crew.  James dropped his kite in front of a wave where it got promptly smashed to bits, and Tarren blew out a strut for no apparent reason.

Bam goes Taz's kite


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