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2018 04 15 hurricane at Seaford

Blowing big time.  We got down to the beach ridiculously early in the morning, with a forecast of between 25 and 30.  It was blowing at least 30 and on the water it was hitting about 35.  Quite tricky to launch as there was very little beach, so Taz and I did assisted launches with kites in one hand.  The challenge at Seaford is the combination of not much sand and wired fences - which are a little daunting. 
On the water it was big air time - and surfing time.  It was blowing pretty much straight onshore, so I was able to go between the pier and Frankston with no great difficulty.  Got pushed off one wave and my lines wrapped around two fins on my board - which i had to untangle immediately - it would have been a nightmare if I wasn't able to free it.  Big air, waves, and a bit of old spice - a few fronts blew through which bought heavy, sleeting rain with them.  All a stack of fun - just wish this tendonitis would go away though !