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2015 07 26 - Try again

With the forecast for even stronger winds and a lot more westerly, I just had to give it another crack.  I got to the beach, there were white horses everywhere (whitecaps) and a howling wind was coming right onshore.  Put up the little kite and had a cracking session - 28 knots +, big jumps and the tremendous flatwater section behind the groyne - oh and the waves were great too.  Awesome session, perfect winter adventure.  Nice and toasty in the new wetsuit too - I didn't get anywhere near as cold as the day before, probably due to the high work rate.

2015 07 25 - Over the groyne

Met up with Dan down at Hampton for an early session, having viewed the best forecast I'd seen for a while.  Met Kerrie Ferguson on the beach - small world !
The predicted north westerly was more northerly than anything and pretty sketchy.  My first run had me drifting down wind quite a bit.  On the walk back up to the top rock groyne, I decided to go over the rocks - bad idea.  Half way across I was too focussed on the rocks and the kite dropped out of the sky. I had to run back to make sure it didn't drop on some gnarly bushes and rocks, luckily it dropped in the water but my lines were all over the place through some shrubs.  Luckily Dan arrived to help me sort it out.
Once relaunched and on the water again, it was hard work.  Just enough wind, probably 16 to 17 knots - so fighting hard to keep a line at all times.  The sun came out at one stage and the wind swung a little more westerly which gave me a chance to do some jumps - but it was short lived.  Still - we got 2 hou…

2015 07 13 - Cold morning at Hampton

Woke up to a very rainy, cold day - but predictwind had forecast a break in the weather so I met James at Hampton with nice waves rolling in.  Had a great session in the surf, doing rotational tricks on the small kite.  Awesome way to start the day!

2015 07 10 - Topping it off in Townsville

Why not go 3 days in a row ?
I had blisters on my hands, but grabbed Dads car and headed back to Pallaranda for the last session.  Consistent 17 knots or so, I had to work hard to stay upwind but stayed out for a solid amount of time.

2015 07 09 - It aint over

till its over.

Leaving the beach then noticed there was a bit more of a breeze kicking in.  On the phone to Mum so I asked her to hang on, set back up and got a few decent runs in.  Worth going out - particularly when I've got time on my side.

2015 07 09 - The curse of the warm wind

Lighter winds than yesterday, so I hooked the kite up on full power.  Working very hard to stay upwind, got a couple of decent runs in but generally spent 40 minutes just grinding it out.

2015 07 08 - Welcome to Townsville

After taking the boys up to Townsville I was greeted on the very first day with a solid 18 knots.  Dad, Mum and the kids gave me a lift to the beach and watched me kick off - the warmth of the wind means that 18 knots is only just enough to get going - its very deceptive !
Still - it was great to be cruising in beautiful warm wind and seeing some new landscapes.  The water is fairly murky and there has been a 4-5m croc hanging around the area so I took it fairly cautiously.  Still got a good 1.5 hours in - nice!

2015 07 02 - Thats how I like my lunch

A perfect alignment of working from home and kids going with some friends to see a movie allowed me to hit Hampton for a lunchtime session.  It was glorious.
Big waves after a solid night of wind - blowing around 28 knots when I hit the beach.  Fantastic to be carving it up all alone with solid wind and the ocean in turmoil.  I went downwind between the rock groynes and had a ball grabbing waves and surfing them in.  I was joined about half way through the session by another guy, but we managed to stay out of each others way.  It was definitely colder than last month - I got a couple of ice cream headaches -but who cares when you are having that much fun!