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29 July 2012 - crap frontal winds at hampton

Don't know what I was thinking going out in frontal winds - I know - I was desperate for a kite.  Most of the time the only good wind was when it was pissing rain. The last 30 minutes compensated a little with a good 20 knots coming through.  It was still better than watching Olympics!

15 July 2012 - Another beautiful Frankston northerly

Pete and I hit the beach at around 10, and kited for around 2 hours before Franz and Wayne turned up.  Conditions were a beautiful 16-18 knots, nice little waves and nice sunshine.  The water was quite cold - got an ice cream headache at the first dunking but you soon get used to it.  Nothing monumental in terms of tricks, just great to be out there.

30 Jun 2012 - Frankston - the new northerly spot

Becoming a big fan of Frankston in a northerly - fantastic consistent wind, nice little waves and no repercussions if things go bad - unlike Brighton.  Had a magnificent session - spent the first hour solo under blue skies, about 20 knots and nice little waves.  Worked on my weaker side with jumps, transitions and spins.  Magic setup.  Franz and a couple of his buddies showed up as I was thinking of going in so I stuck it out for another hour - mucking around in waves mostly.  As I haven't been kiting as much as summer I pulled up really sore - my neck, stomach and legs have had a big workout.  I had 4 large blisters on my hands too - its great without gloves for grip but these IT hands are not quite up to it!  In time I'm sure it will be fine.
After fixing the depower line on my kite there is a little more slack, but the kite is flying fine so all good.  Ive got a strong feeling that this kite is going to explode one day - its starting to feel very thin and soft.  Its seen a…