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2017 11 07 - Hampton build

Built up to great wind, did a few rotations, stuffed up several raleys and got crunched doing a dark slide.  With Tarren and Pete. Winner

2017 11 06- cranking at Mentone

meet up with James after a tree adventure session with Ben and the kids.  Wind was cranking, great little surf.  Went for a megaloop, didn't quite catch me in time.

2017 11 04 - cold Hampton

Tantalizing wind and cold weather.  Just enough

2017 10 29 - Seaford summer

First session where it really feels like summer, hot with a big northerly blowing its tits off.  Stu, Athol, Mike, Pete and I met up at Seaford, greeted by 20 knots, a beach full of tattooed locals and a hint of menace in the air.  I went with the 7, as the forecast indicated a fair bit of nastiness on the way.  Pretty glad I did, just launching it was immediately obvious we were dealing with 25 - 30 and a fair bit of gusty adventures.
Water was perfect.
Waves magic.
Wind - powerful and a bit gusty at the top end, fine with the 7 but it was creating havoc for some of the other guys on bigger kites.  I had a ball with some rotations, high jumps and carving waves.  Mike saw a couple of dolphins.  I found a beach ball that I tried to throw at people.  Nice to get some height on jumps, but the gustiness made it pretty tricky to pull off consistent nice landings. 
Poor Stu got yanked so bad that his harness, impact vest and hat got pulled over his shoulders and he lost his entire kite - l…

2017 10 05 - Elwood

Met up with Taz at Elwood.  A raging wind dissipated as soon as we put kites up.  Still got a bit of a run and think I've got the backroll kiteloop on the non preferred under control.  Fun to get wet - plus first session of the summer without booties.  Fun times ahead !

2017 09 24 - Seaford sausage

Its just an awesome setup.  Arrived at Seaford and it was bucketing down, soon enough the rain cleared, blue skies opened up and Taz and I hit the beach.  Solid 20 knots, which peaked up to around 25 at stages.  At one stage when the wind was high I got a nice bit of air, looked across and Taz had followed the same pattern coming the other way - quick wave to acknowledge the highlight !

Excellent water, and nice runs beside the pier.  Did quite a few jumps with kiteloops, still haven't quite nailed it yet, but getting there.  Snuck in a darkslide and lots of rotational jumps.  Magnificent session.  Stu Styles joined late in the piece, but the alure of the sausage was beckoning so we retreated to the carpark.

Oh - and I stuffed up the launch and drifted my kite almost into the fence down there.  Its such a narrow beach - hate having the wired fence so close too.  It's the only downside to a magnificent location.

2017 09 16 - Beaumaris with James and Grant

A fair bit of rain overnight, so we headed to Beaumaris where the water was going to be cleaner.  Wind came in just enough to have a blast, running over the shallow reef and out to the far marker.  Had a ball chasing Grant and James around.  Excellent fun session.

2017 09 09 - Just holding on at Hampton

just enough for a little rush.  lots of loops

2017 09 03 - Hampton flats

Got down to Hampton and was greeted with pretty fickle conditions.  Hung around with Pete and Stu for a bit, then was packing up when it came back in.  I was having a great time, but the kite started to jellyfish like the old globerider used to.  Makes it real tricky to fly - had to come in after 30 mins.  Hope I don't have a puncture somewhere.

2017 09 02 - Rye is where the action is

Met up with James, Job and Taz at Rosebud, but nowhere near enough wind.  We went a little further south to Rye and it was cranking - crazy how localised the wind can be. I can only think that Mt. Martha was blocking the northerly from getting through.
It was light on at first, then switched a little more westerly and was game on.  Jumps, able to go upwind like a champion.  James and I did a trip up to Rosebud.  On the way back, about 600m off shore there were waves breaking.  There was a sandbar, so jumped off and walked around the sandbar for a bit with James - it was cool.  Fantastic session in beautiful water - kiting down the peninsula is amazing.

2017 08 27 - Hampton action

Got out before a massive storm front and hail hit with James.  yee freakin ha.

2017 08 06 - Backing it up at Seaford

Met Stu S early at Seaford to hit the cold water and brisk wind one more time.  Tried some triple rotations on both sides, no landings but no spankings either so that's a win.  Stu S was getting some magnificent carves in on the surfboard, great to watch.

2017 08 05 - Now time for tricks and jumps

not that many of them ended well.  Tried all sorts of rotational jumps, grabs, board offs, transitions, kiteloops, and riding blind.  All fun, not all fluent.  The most fun was riding along the waves and carving the ones that were walling up.  James and I had a hell of a lot of fun.

2017 08 05 - Rosebud to Mt Martha

Kiting weekend - so time for an epic adventure.  James and Pete joined me in Rosebud - we hatched plans to cross the bay, or go out to popes eye, but the prevailing wind made a down and back trip from Rosebud to Mt Martha a much more appealing option.  Heaps of wind - which seemed to get stronger around safety beach - made it pretty much one tack to get there and back.  Still required a bit of perserverance to hold a line and some variation to keep from cramping up.

2017 07 22 - Plenty cold at Rosebud

Plenty cold and plenty great.  Met up with Taz, James at Rosebud for an amazing session at low tide.  Fair few jumps, riding blind, toeside backroll.  Some nice height and wave riding.  Great way to shine a light on a cold day - freakin freezin here.

2017 07 02 - pump up the jam

Wind picked up a tiny bit so pumped up again for a second session.  Only 20 minutes but worth every second to be on the water.

2017 07 02 - Rosebud - would look amazing in a photo

...but its winter so its a bit chilly.  Just enough for a bit of looping transition, then a bit of a grind for an hour.  Still pretty special to be out in the beautiful water.  Joined by Stu Styles, Tarren and Mike for some joyous winter sunshine.

2017 06 25 - Dawn raid on Seaford

Met up with Taz at about 650 at Seaford for an amazing dawn session.  Hit the water when it was still dark, tried a lot of loops, raley where I also hit the 2nd safety while hooking back in.  Glorious moment when the sun came up on the magnificent small waves.  Ridiculously amazing way to start the day.

2017 05 25 - Aspendale

Tina was away, so what better time to play.  Great session at Aspendale.

2017 05 27 - Seaford again

northerly you are very great.

2017 05 06 - Seaford session

yippee - great session at Seaford as ever. met up with Taz with just enough wind and rode it as it came in.  Finished with a sausage.

2017 04 29 - Aspendale comes through

I woke up to a bit of wind...and it seemed like I could get a westerly session in so I headed straight for Aspendale.  It was perfect.  About 17-20 knots on the water, enough to let me do some doubles, try unhooked stuff, darkslide, backroll kiteloops and anything else I could think of.  Most of them ended in stacks, some of them came off.  Backroll kiteloops are now under control, even on the weaker side.  I've found I have to delay pulling the trigger on the kiteloop, seems to work better.  Also hit some loops while landing jumps, pretty hard landing sometimes though.  My heel was a bit sore at the end - don't know whether its just the cold or the landings with loops.  Definitely time to reel out the bigger wetsuit, was a bit chilly.

Taz kited down from his house to around gnotuk (and back) and Job joined me on the beach just as I was finishing off.

2017 04 25 - Hampton at last

What a long lay off.  No wind at all - this is normally a low wind time of year but this has been extraordinary.  We had to call off the kiting weekend as there was absolutely nothing happening.

This one was certainly a surprise session.  No forecast, but I woke at 8 to fairly high wind and a break in the rain.  We hightailed it down to Hampton, met Tarren on the beach but Pete, James, Stu and Anthony were not far behind.  Had a great time trying all the standard fare, and pulled off a darkslide and raley.  Taz was landing some ridiculous unhooked tricks, he's really stepped it up.  Big session - out for 1 hour 45 and packed up just before the rain hit.  Awesome.

2017 08 04 - Brighton as normal

After a dissapointing no show at Seaford - Pete, Stu and I went but the wind didn't - great to get an afternoon in at Brighton.  Pretty solid for the most part, but dropped off at times and also came through hard at times - pretty much normal.  Great to be on the water - certainly helps clear the mind.

2017 04 01 - raley time

Lots of raleys - going well on strong side, got way too high on my non preferred to land.
Also did some backroll kiteloops, fun quick session.

2017 03 05 - wow

awesome afternoon at Hampton after the family christmas at the Allans.  Beefy 20 knot plus wind, so some good air.  Sorted out kiteloops on landing, piece of cake, just don't put the kite too far back in the window.  Did a lot of doubles - both forward and backward.  Landed a toeside backroll with kiteloop - absolute piece of cake.  Tried a deadman and got dunked.  Fantastic wind.

2017 02 25 - Mentone is not often good...

...but when it is, it can be spectacular.  Met up with James, Dobbo and Mike at Mentone.  The wind was cranking, probably around 25, so perfect wind for some wave riding and big air.  Stu sailed in from Beaumaris headland to say hi also.   Had a fantastic time, did get smacked big time though going for a double backroll, entered a loop as I was completing the final rotation, fully powered flying backwards into not much water.  Worked out ok but could have been super nasty.

2017 02 19 - Seaford - magic

One of my favourite locations on the bay is Seaford.  It's the whole deal - the water is great, beautiful sand, generally windy as hell if we go to Seaford, plus there are always sausages ready after the session in the supermarket carpark.  And once again, it ticked all the boxes.  Met up with Tarren and we both had a ball.

Tarren took a knock to the head in a spectacular crash where I saw him flying through the air with arms and legs going everywhere.

I went for 2 big kiteloops on coming down to power out of landings which didn't work real well - I was tracking my kite way too far back which lead to really hard landings.  Got to work on that.

2017 02 12 - Aspendale to Mordy and back

Awesome windy day gave me a chance to test out my new (old) 7m kite - picked up for $350.  Stu and I hit aspendale to grab some great waves in beautiful water.  New kite was fantastic.

2017 01 29 - Ricketts to Aspendale and back

We had a few words with the big man in the sky (Job) to organise some great wind for the afternoon for an adventure.  After some teething problems with the recipe, he really turned it on.
Stu and I went down to Aspendale to start the session - but there wasn't quite enough wind - so we went up to Ricketts to join Grant as we figured we could catch more of the southerly funneling up the bay.

We went out and there was just enough wind to keep a line.  Still fun with Stu and Grant on the water.  After about 30 mins it picked up a bit, enough to allow us to cut up wind.  We had agreed to wait for James prior to setting off on any big adventure, but it seemed he wasn't coming as it was after 3 and we were going to meet on the beach around 230.  We figured he must have went out at Hampton.

We cut up into the wind - I had to work real hard to keep up with Stu on the nugget.  My quads were burning already.  We managed to get beyond the reef and there was clean water between Ricketts …

2017 01 24 - Double trouble

Did quite a few doubles - backwards and forwards - in excellent wind at Port to South Melbourne.  Absolutely love that section at South Melbourne.  Got crunched in a wave and lost a pair of seaspecs though - totally worth it !

2017 01 14 - Refuel and reload

After a great catchup with the Gonad man, dim sims and a jam donut, I hit the beach again for a great follow up session.  Magnificent.

2017 01 14 - Aspendale surf

Cranking westerly had James and I head down to Aspendale.  Fantastic surf, great strong wind, no people, absolutely epic session.  Used my big bar with the small kite - I left my small bar on the beach like an idiot at Port.  It actually worked better than my small bar, heaps more comfortable and great spinning - not sad at all that I lost the bar !

The session was amazing, tucked in to heaps of waves, some nice jumps and all sorts of fun.  Broke out the surfboard - but in that kind of chop its really not that good - kind of boring.  Back on the twin tip and the fun party started up again.  Pete joined late in the session and did a downwinder to Frankston.  I was very happy with a massive 2 hours on the water.

2017 01 11 - Back on the water - woohoo

Port Melbourne with Taz, my small bar and the 10m kite.  Great that the kite handled beautifully, small bar was a bit weird but now I've repaired the normal bar too - all is wieder gut.

2017 01 08 - Half excellent, half disaster

Amazing first half of downwinder from Frankston to Hampton with Pete and Anthony.
Landed a triple back and several double backs and forwards.  It was like surfing one massive wave all the way down the coast.  A real joy.

Going past Mordy pier I realised I was going to run into a stack of fishing lines so turned around and ran straight into Pete's kite.  I hadn't checked that no-one was right behind me - our kites tangled and got all sorts of mucked up.  I hit safety, but it was a steaming mess - both of us got pulled through under the pier.  Kite lost one of the connector lines, and had to cut my lines off the pier pilons.  Crappy situation.

2017 01 03 - Raley

Finally landed 4 unhooked raleys in a row.  Magnificent.  Feels like I've been on that mission for a long long time.  Also tried lots of variations on jumped kiteloops

2017 01 02 - Back in blue

Great afternoon session at Hampton - spins and kiteloops.  Worked on the jumped kiteloop, pulling the loop on the way down to generate power.  Worked out that its better to go early.

2017 01 01 - Triathalon

A weird weather pattern hit Melbourne, so the predicted 20 knots never really arrived.  We'd got over excited and setup for a down winder from Beaumaris to Port Melbourne.  Met Pete, James and Job at Beaumaris - but only got as far as just off Sandy before I got a wing tip stuck in the water and then was unable to relaunch.  Drifted in about 1 km to Sandy beach, then James and I had to walk back.  Rubbish.