2017 12 26 - Foiling practice

Grant was kind enough to invite James, Pete and I onto the boat to practice foiling.  Cam and Hamish joined in the fun too. Foiling is very challenging, getting stable on the board to start with is difficult enough, then actually getting up on the foil is next level.
Key things I learnt
- weight as far forward as possible.  When getting up, don't lean back, just lean straight forward to pop onto the board.
- reacts quickly to slight changes of balance - leaning back just a little will start the thing dolphining up and down
- smashes weren't as bad as I expected.  After crashing a stack of jumps, it was pretty tame by comparison !
Was great fun hanging out in the boat with the guys - lots of laughs as we all had crash after crash.

Pete took some photos and footage


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