2016 12 09 - Cracking wind at Port

Taz and I headed down to Port after work and hit up with Dan.  Fantastic wind all day, and I had been itching to get out again following a self imposed exile after the Tassie trip.
We quickly headed down to South Melbourne where a nice couple of waves were beckoning.  I was concentrating on pulling off 720 back rotations, which landed ok on both sides.  Lots of decent air also.  At the end, headed back to Port where one chaotic fool almost took me out stacking his kite right in front of me.  It's no place for beginners !
Athol was at the beach and took a couple of shots - he takes amazing photos.  He was only there for a couple of minutes but the quality of the shots is extraordinary.

Photos courtesy of Athol Hill (http://www.theoverratedphotographer.com/)


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