2017 09 24 - Seaford sausage

Its just an awesome setup.  Arrived at Seaford and it was bucketing down, soon enough the rain cleared, blue skies opened up and Taz and I hit the beach.  Solid 20 knots, which peaked up to around 25 at stages.  At one stage when the wind was high I got a nice bit of air, looked across and Taz had followed the same pattern coming the other way - quick wave to acknowledge the highlight !

Excellent water, and nice runs beside the pier.  Did quite a few jumps with kiteloops, still haven't quite nailed it yet, but getting there.  Snuck in a darkslide and lots of rotational jumps.  Magnificent session.  Stu Styles joined late in the piece, but the alure of the sausage was beckoning so we retreated to the carpark.

Oh - and I stuffed up the launch and drifted my kite almost into the fence down there.  Its such a narrow beach - hate having the wired fence so close too.  It's the only downside to a magnificent location.

Upside down near the pier

Multiple rotation time

Stu cutting in hard

This makes me laugh


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