09 Apr 2011 - Brighton in a gusty northerly

Location : Brighton
Kite : 7m Crossbow
Conditions : 20-30 knot northerly

Winter is not too far away when gusty northerlies blow in.  Really happy I ended up taking the 7m out - it varied between 18 to 32 knots - good to have some variation and the ability to hold on in heavy winds.  Northerlies are so gusty that its always kind of crappy - but it was nice and warm and the views were fantastic.  Still heaps better than not going !
No real progression - just concentrated on adjusting to the 7m kite - it flies so damn fast you have to really watch it constantly, particularly in jumps.  Managed to work out how to land the damn thing and do a few transitions, be damned if I'll be trying any crazy tricks in an offshore gusty breeze though ! 


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