01 Apr 2011 - Port Melbourne

Location : Port Melbourne
Kite : 10m Switchblade IDS
Conditions : 25 knots south westerly dropping to 15 knots

Got out after work on what has turned into a bit of a break.  The weather has just been rubbish in terms of wind, and looking after the kids 2 days means thats two potential days out of the kiting calender.  Spent most of the session working on jumping on my weaker side - really made some great progress now that I have figured out what I've been doing wrong.  Both hands on the bar, bum almost in the water for max tension and moving the kite upwards a lot faster.  No real progress with  new tricks, but good to work on the baseline stuff.  Have to watch the video a couple of times before going down to Sandy point.  Was blowing hard when I arrived so I depowered the kite a fair bit for the 25 to 30 knot winds, by the time I finished up - and Pete arrived - it had dropped off dramatically.  Frontal winds - they are a pain !  Got a good hour or so in though - good news.


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