14 July 2013 - Full car tour, dodgy Brighton northerly

James and I headed to Frankston then on to Mornington looking for a good onshore breeze.  The bay monster had struck again and was eating the northerly in the middle of the bay.  We droze back up to Brighton and headed out, a reminder of just how gusty the northerly can be at the top of the bay.  It seemed to go from 15 to 30 knots, got pretty yanked a couple of times.

Only 4 folks out, but some idiot still decided he wanted to do a trick just as he was passing me coming the other way.  We were a fair way out, he stuffed up the trick and I had to take major evasive action, yanked off my board and had a swim for a little while.  I had a chat to him afterwards and told him what had happened, he seemed largely oblivious.  Hurt my rib in the evasive action - looks like another 3 weeks of pain.

Hit something solid twice with my board... no idea what but it definitely wasn't a rock.  Whatever it was probably has a fair headache now.


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