2016 02 15 - Downwinder Aspendale to Mentone

Headed to Aspendale with Job for his virgin downwinder.  Great to hear that Grant decided to join us with the sailboard - although we sent Grant off early a number of things conspired to him starting to setup after us and taking a while to get going.  Pete was a late addition - arriving just in time to store Grant's key in his car after a keylock malfunction.  Grant was really edgy about us waiting around for him - which was fine - its a lot more fun when everyone sticks together for the trip.

A really packed beach made it quite tight to launch and get out the back - swimmers everywhere.  With everyone ready to go we set off - and instead of being a tight pack of folks it was like a race - Grant tore off downwind at a pace I didn't want to match and Job tore arse after him.  I figured they would tack back but I think a bit of angst coupled with the Mordy pier saw them set a world record for the down winder landing them at Mentone in no time.  Pete on the other hand was taking his time, so I stuck between all parties - having a great time in the waves.

Once I'd had enough in the waves the angle was nice for a Beaumaris run - so I met up with Job miles off Mentone and let him know I was going around the corner.  Great trip to the point, but I was keen to get around to the yacht club to close the loop on my around the bay attempt.  Lots of rocks poking out of the small surf made it a bit of adventure getting there, and getting back took quite a few tacks to hit the point.  Back to Mentone with some downloop turns - mission accomplished.

Downwinders are heaps more fun when everyone kind of goes down together - but both Job and Grant were stoked to have it under their belt so all good.


  1. Hey Stu, You are right, I should have stayed with you guys. Because of my first downwinder I was pretty anxious though that I would not stay clear of the pier. I also went back a few times to meet up again with you and Pete but was not sure if I was getting tired to soon by doing this. I'll definitely stay close to the group next time, more fun :) Thanks mate. Job

    1. hey absolutely no problem ! I didn't even know anyone read this stuff. It's great fun kiting with you mate - I love seeing people excited by this awesome sport.

  2. Ha Stu! Can't remember how I came across your blog. It's great. Very amusing and educational too. I've read some stories from Pete too online. Keep up the great work! See you on the beach soon. Jobbo


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