2016 02 05 - Hampton - the games continue

Got through terrible traffic (level crossing replacement I'm guessing) to hit Hampton and see Stu and Job having a ball.  Job is now going upwind and lovin it.  Tried to consolidate a lot of the tricks I've been working on which worked well (backroll transition to toeside, toeside backroll to heelside).  Got a little more ambitious later on - set up the kite for unhooking.  I picked the worst spot for it, quite near the groyne I unhooked, ditched the kite and had to tussle with it all the way to shore trying to avoid destroying it on the rocks.  Watched a great video on unhooking which I'll put into practice next time.  Next did 3 backroll kiteloops in succession, the first two were perfect, the third I hit the loop early, landed hard and got spanked.  I'm definitely learning a lot, but I'm eating more than my share of water !


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