2016 02 25 - St Kilda bang

Setup at St Kilda and um'ed and ah'ed about setting up with full depower.  The day had a bit of an ominious feel - as if it might be hit with 25 knots any second from a low base of around 10.  After 20 mins it crept up, I launched and my gut feel came true - out in the middle it was blowing its nut off, I was getting massive air and having trouble staying upwind.  I tossed up the idea of going back in to back off the kite - but I figured it would drop back (it did !) plus I was having fun hitting some heights.

Worked on spins, transitions, some old stuff and some new.  The forward 360 transition now naturally lands in a toeside which is kind of fun.  Tried the front foot board off - got it off and on just in time to hit the water!  Definitely doable.

Stoked to get back on the water after the stress of moving.


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