2016 02 28 - Downwinder - without much wind

Well the wind didn't really show up to the party.  Hit Aspendale with Pete, Mike and Stu all raring to go, having set up the car shuffle at Hampton.  Wind was a bit light, but we figured it would get better as we got out into the middle.  Good plan.

It was apparent straight off the beach that there was not enough wind to do a lot.  Plans of a leisurely surf down to Mordy pier were abandoned as we just tried to hit Ricketts point without hitting the reef.  I came damn close.  The wind really died as we hit Blackrock - so much so that Stu's kite hit the water and wasn't keen to come back.  I was looping the kite like a crazy idiot with hardly any effect.  I couldn't even backtrack to see how Stu was doing or head in - in such light winds, both moves would mean swimming.  Bad news.

As we hit Hampton the wind picked up again, but we headed in quickly to make sure Stu was ok.  He was fine, and had some great stories about a catamaran sailor, fishermen and jetskis.  Very amusing - but the downwinder is definitely not one for the record books !

Take off

Cool shadow

Pete and Mike in the background


Damn close to the reef

oh no - part 1

Oh no - part 2

Safe and sound

Packed kitemobile

Still smilin


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