2018 03 10 - Tarthra Wow

After lunch we headed back down to the beach and had a chat to a guy that had just done a downwinder to our spot.  He said the wind was a lot stronger up the beach - and the waves were a lot bigger too.  A downwinder seemed a good idea - but we had a better one - tack up and kite back.

We headed out and soon worked out that the wind was a lot stronger near the cliffs, out the back and up the beach.  After some hard tacking action, we got up into the strong wind zone and it was magical.  Huge waves, great wind and magical water meant that we were in for the session of our lives.  It was amazing, heading out, getting a monster wave and surfing it back in.  Unfortunately my gopro ran out before I could get heaps of footage - but I did capture one monster, and the continual jumping we had to do to get out.  Truly a highlight.


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