24 Mar 2012 - inverloch surf

At last the weekend we've been waiting for.  Predict wind had forecast that the wind would be best early, so we hit Inverloch at 8am after a 6am start.  Setup on the surf beach and Pete and I were joined by Tarren, Franz, Rod, Wayne and another guy.  The surf was quite big in relation to other places we have been out in.  Headed out on the 10 but I was well powered.  Fantastic fun to be in the surf, but also a little daunting - hard to settle in and do any tricks as there was the constant threat of being hammered.  Franz and Rod on surfboards were going nuts - they showed some great technique.  After a while I was the only guy out - I realised that I was riding fully depowered with my arms well extended - time to exchange kites.


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