2015 11 13 - Kiting weekend - Sandy point #1

It had finally arrived !  We rejigged the kiting weekend this year to give us maximum opportunity of good wind - we didn't book anything until the final week to allow us to move location.  As it turned out, from the whole of eastern Aus to choose from - the best wind was virtually on our doorstop in Sandy point.  Having said that, fantastic wind was on Friday - so we all managed to take the day off and head down at 7am - aiming to be on the beach by 10 or so when the rain was forecast to stop.

James and I arrived at around 10 to honking wind and a touch of rain.  Soon after, Tarren and Stu Styles arrived - great to see Tarren back in Aus after his latest adventures in Greece.  It was a little overcast, but that didn't matter a thing - wind was the main thing and that was available in spades.  Sandy point surf beach is spectacular for many factors
1. the wind is strong and consistent
2. the waves are fantastic
3. the gradual slope of the beach provides awesome flat water

We were all in our element - Stu, James and I were mixing riding the fantastic surf with some flatwater sections, Tarren stayed mainly in the flat water pulling kiteloops in 2cm of water.
I had a ball surfing, had a crack at riding blind and landed some back 720s on my weaker side.  I'd totally forgotten how to ride blind after last summer so I'll need to work on that some more.  I was cautious at first as I'd had some strange sensations from my knee following the last big downwinder - but the more I kited the better it got.  Ripping first session for what was to be an awesome day.

James' kite in close up

Backroll transition with hand in water

Sometimes you just get crunched

Exhausted, I tried to ride the flat water until I caught an edge and got pulled up the beach.  Happy stack.


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