Tuesday, October 27, 2015

2015 10 25 - The non gusty frontal Frankston

Met up with James, Stu and Eric down at Frankston.  Conditions looked a little dodgy - with 25-30 at the beacon and about 20 on the shore I put the 10m kite up.  Strange wind - it was not gusty but varied quite a bit during the session - from a full on 28 knots down to 20 down to 12 or so and back up again.  Spectacular little waves and no crowd made for a magic session.  Ate a lot of water, went into some crazy tail spins following crashes but also managed to pull off a perfect back 720 which was a major highlight.  Totally knackered after the session - the blast lasted a couple of days !

Sunday, October 18, 2015

2015 10 17 - Port/South

Met up with Athol at Port Melbourne with a great looking seabreeze blowing.  It wasn't as strong close to shore on the water, but still beautifully consistent.  After a while managed to tack out a bit and headed up to South Melbourne.  Great little waves and flat water up there, put a big smile on my face.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

2015 10 11 - Downwind action

Recipe :
1 light forecast
1 impending storm
1 injured kiter (Pete) prepared to provide car shuffle
3 kiters - Eric, Stu S and I
1 poleman - Grant

After passing by Hampton, we headed to Beaumaris to grab the best of the light wind for a downwinder.  Arriving a Beaumaris there was enough wind around for a decent session - always a bonus.  Grant was able to call by too and get excited by the wind - enough to grab his sailboard.  Stu, Eric and I headed off into a beautiful warm day with a 17 knots breeze on our tail, keen to go downwind to Hampton.  
Eric lost his board around some fishing boats that needed a bit of assistance to tack back and get.  I wasn't landing my forward 360's - strange how the smallest change of settings (fully powered kite) can lead to timing being slightly off.  It was also due to not placing my leading hand far enough away from centre.
At some stage the sky turned pretty dark - I looked out to sea and saw some massive storm clouds.  Stu had already noticed so we started to make a run for Hampton.  Wind picked up to provide some good airtime, and some nice little waves at Hampton.  By an hour in I was cactus and started doing stupid things - letting go of the bar and trying to grab the other side. Pulled in and landed just in time to avoid the massive storm front and absolute bucket of rain.  Pete was a legend by giving us a lift back to Beaumaris
We joined Grant back in the carpark all stoked to have had a fantastic adventure on such a crazy weather day.

Photo courtesy of Peter Campbell, Pixie and Eric in the background.  Pixie is the dog.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

2015 10 03 - Magnificent morning at Rosebud

The stars were aligned - long weekend, good early wind at Rosebud and most people free to join in for a session.  Met Athol and Amelia in the car park, and we were soon joined by Stu and Grant.  Pete also rocked up - still carrying his injuries - but happy to help Grant and take some photos.  Dan joined us a bit later testing his new Axis board (what brand is that again ?).

A good kite makes everybody happy - see Rosebud giving us a winking smile...

Photos of the whole crew

Got in for some photos of Stu too

And lots of great photos featuring my favourite kiter...me

Grant starting out

Dan with Stu in the background

Grant with my old plank

Pete and Athol