15 Dec 2011 - No pain, no gain

Location : Port Melbourne
Kite : 10 m Switchblade
Conditions : 20 to 17 knot southerly

A magnificent day all up - things are winding down at work for Christmas, a long lunch then off kiting at 5pm on a beautiful sunny day.  Perfect 20 knots when I headed out so I took the opportunity to try some new tricks.  Hence the title.  No real pain but I fell from height several times.  Among the tricks I have now mastered are the following:
Single foot board off to faceplant
Horizontal rotation to stall
backwards 720 to unintentional kiteloop
Riding blind to lame
Yep - no progress but beautiful to be out in great conditions where there is a chance of relying on consistent wind.  Pete and Tarren were down the beach too - gotta love summer.


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