11 Dec 2011 - Stormy sunday

Location : Hampton
Kite : 7m Crossbow
Conditions : 25 to 20 knot southerly

Christmas is almost here and the weekends are increasingly packed.  After a stormy Saturday night, we had to book in an early session to be back home by 9:30 to help Tina prepare for the next lot of visitors.  Peter and I got down to Hampton at around 7:30 and it was howling.  Went safe with the 7m, but had a feeling that the 10 would have been a better fit - and that proved to be right.  It really needs to be baseline 25 knots for the 7 to come into its own - I was going along easily enough and the thing moves real fast - but couldn't really get any air or do anything spectacular.  Good swell and waves so had a bit of fun, but the wind dropped 5 knots and I had to battle to get back upwind from Green Point.


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