09 Jan 2013 - Rocking the small bay surf

Hit Port Melbourne after work for a monster session with Tarren.  Very choppy at Port Melbourne, and I was hit by a big gust near the spirit of Tasmania which lofted me - I've haven't had that happen in many years.  This was immediately followed by a wind direction change - fantastic news as it enabled us to go across to south melbourne away from the numerous hazards at Port Melbourne. 
South Melbourne was fantastic, very small bay surf - especially after Sydney - but some nice flat sections to muck around with.  Got in a couple of butterslides, but not on the weaker side.  Tried very hard to nicely land weaker side forward 360's but kept driving the kite too far back.  Came back in exhausted and with a sore hip from where the harness has been rubbing.  Excellent session though !
Tried getting my head around darkslide and jesus walk - I think a bit more research is required.


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