2 Jan 2013 - bitten at long reef

Lovely session in the waves at long reef, not quite enough wind so it was hard going keeping upwind amongst the surf. Didn't get onto a lot of waves, it was pretty sloppy. some great runs about 1 metre from shore, as the waves pull away from the shore, it creates a little extra tension in the kite, lots of fun.   Stayed out for quite a while. On the drive home my leg started to hurt really badly, one spot behind my ankle them all the way up my leg. It hurt so much after a while I wanted to throw up. Got home and doused it in vinegar... relief. I've never had a bad sting from a jellyfish, they hurt!
Turns out that they have blue bottles, or Portuguese man of war jellyfish here that sting badly, as opposed to the blue blubber benign species in the bay. 


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