26 Dec 2014 - Frankston to Mentone downwinder

After no opportunity to kite for a couple of days, I couldn't wait to get out.  We organised a few people to meet up and do a downwinder.  7 people ended up coming along - Pete, James, Stu, Anthony, Paul, Eric and myself.  We dropped cars at Mentone and were greeted by a good 18 knots, and drove down to Frankston.

Paul unfortunately had a bridle malfunction at Frankston, but otherwise we all launched and headed off just fine.  I had James' twintip to give him a go on my surfboard, it was a great cross between my current board with a little more length like my older boards, so rotations felt just fine.  Excellent fun cruising in the small surf without any regard for staying upwind.

Saw a couple getting nude in the small surf - good on them !

Stu Styles was trying his new nugget and headed miles out to sea - it only emerged later that transitions weren't going so well.  James and I traded boards around Aspendale, it was strange to get back on the surfboard but a hell of a lot more flotation as the wind backed off quite a lot.  I'd considered going to Beaumaris to join the last big downwinder track log but decided against it given the wind was backing off.  Had to downloop constantly to get back in to shore, very happy to have completed another fun down winder.

Love the silhouette on this one

What the hell is that ?

Stu and James in the background

Note - nudies on the loose (top middle)


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