14 Dec 2014 - If you don't stack....

...your not trying hard enough.

I must have been trying plenty hard today cause I had heaps of stacks.  Absolutely heaps.
Met up with Tarren down at Hampton to what looked like 18 knots or so.  Lots of racing kites and hydrofoils around, I quickly setup next to some very nice looking girls on the beach and headed out - kiting is obviously a priority.  Once out the wind was fantastic, a perfect Hampton day, very consistent 20 knots or so, able to go upwind with ease and lots of space.

I tried most of what I had in the to do list.  Reestablished a few old favourites, but had a bit of trouble landing the frontroll consistently.  Tried backroll to toeside, landed one on both sides, stacked about 3243.  Tried toeside backroll, landed 2, stoked.  Got one darkslide in with a very low loop that felt like I was up above the kite in the loop, scary with a hard landing that I sort of landed.  Tried riding blind, got more of a feel of whats required but cant say I'm any closer.

Pete joined us late in the session, both Tarren and I were all smiles.  Tarren seemed to be landing everything which was great.  He did attempt a trick that would probably be called "watch me kiteloop when I don't know where the hell I am", god knows how he managed to ride away unscathed from that chaos.  As I was packing up a couple of beautiful Columbian girls came and had a chat, I was very happy to give them a lift to Brighton to top off a magic day.


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