2017 01 14 - Aspendale surf

Cranking westerly had James and I head down to Aspendale.  Fantastic surf, great strong wind, no people, absolutely epic session.  Used my big bar with the small kite - I left my small bar on the beach like an idiot at Port.  It actually worked better than my small bar, heaps more comfortable and great spinning - not sad at all that I lost the bar !

The session was amazing, tucked in to heaps of waves, some nice jumps and all sorts of fun.  Broke out the surfboard - but in that kind of chop its really not that good - kind of boring.  Back on the twin tip and the fun party started up again.  Pete joined late in the session and did a downwinder to Frankston.  I was very happy with a massive 2 hours on the water.


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