2017 01 29 - Ricketts to Aspendale and back

We had a few words with the big man in the sky (Job) to organise some great wind for the afternoon for an adventure.  After some teething problems with the recipe, he really turned it on.
Stu and I went down to Aspendale to start the session - but there wasn't quite enough wind - so we went up to Ricketts to join Grant as we figured we could catch more of the southerly funneling up the bay.

We went out and there was just enough wind to keep a line.  Still fun with Stu and Grant on the water.  After about 30 mins it picked up a bit, enough to allow us to cut up wind.  We had agreed to wait for James prior to setting off on any big adventure, but it seemed he wasn't coming as it was after 3 and we were going to meet on the beach around 230.  We figured he must have went out at Hampton.

We cut up into the wind - I had to work real hard to keep up with Stu on the nugget.  My quads were burning already.  We managed to get beyond the reef and there was clean water between Ricketts and pretty much anywhere.  The angle of the wind meant that we could easily make Mordialloc pier - so we headed there.  There wasn't much discussion - just seemed like the right thing to do.  Cranking wind out in the middle gave us a heap of opportunity.  Excellent fun going on a great adventure without having to shuffle cars or any of the non-water activities where you are just hanging to get on the water.

On approaching the beach there were heaps of kites - but none of them were in the air - all on the beach.  I fortunately pulled in to the beach where a couple of beautiful girls were sunbaking topless and reapplying sunscreen - what a welcome !

We then learnt why no kites were up - whilst the wind in the middle was fantastic, close to shore there was not enough to stay upwind.  We had to battle to get upwind enough to clear the pier.  After about 20 mins of tacking, I noticed there was another kiter way out to sea.  As he came closer we recognised James - who had made a late start but caught us up.  We had to get James in to touch the beach, so we rendezvoused right next to Taz's ocean paradise in Aspendale.

The trip home was fantastic, heaps of wind, I landed 4 doubles in a row (backs and forwards), got to Beuamaris and raced Grant a couple of times.  My legs were burning, so I was very happy to pull in to shore and celebrate an epic little trip - 50kms and a couple of hours.


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