05 Jan 2011

Location : St Kilda
Kite : 10m Switchblade IDS
Conditions : 23 knots southerly.

Had a fantastic session, tried a couple of new tricks that I've been attempting or checking out.

Backroll transition - seem to have this pretty much sorted now, time to add a little more air. The key is not to overthink it - just keep the backhand on the bar, place the forehand into the water and roll. The kite kind of pulls you through the transition really nicely.

Hooked in Raley - not the first attempt, but the first time I have nailed this one.

Backroll to toeside - landed this, but got confused about how to power through. Think this is a head problem - just got to go for it.

On the to do list are
- riding blind
- more work on 720 rotations on my weaker side


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