14 May 2011 - Fixing my back at Hampton in storm fronts

Location :Hampton
Kite : 7m Crossbow
Conditions : 15-25 knots south-westerly

Did my back about 2 weeks ago and have been itching to get out kiting ever since.  I figured the pressure from the harness would pull it back into shape - plus I just wanted to get out anyway.  Was great to get out, fantastic to do something with a pretty average day.  Very windy when I got down there so I opted for the 7.  I think it was a good choice given the conditions, I was never really overpowered, but there was a huge variance in conditions.  I just wanted to play it safe - I didn't want to have an epic adventure if I couldn't rely 100% on my body.  Didn't push the limits with any tricks, particularly with the 7 as it moves around very quickly.  Just doing standard tricks the kite ends up in some unusual positions, I can't imagine the strife I'd be getting in trying rotations.  Having said that, even looping the thing does not generate extreme power so.....maybe next time.


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