17 July 2011 - Brighton in a gusty northerly

Location : Brighton
Kite : 10m Switchblade
Conditions : 15-30 knots northerly

This season has been a bit atypical - consistent winds and some southerlies coming through.  None of that today though - back to the winter of old with a gusty northerly to contend with.  PredictWind was spot on again - we were first on the water and got the best of the breeze by going early.  Trickiest wind I've kited in quite a while - it was all over the place.  Too cold for any crazy tricks - and too gusty but transitions are all good.

Managed to kite a bit upwind with Pete to around Brighton harbour - fun to do a mini tour.  Great to get out and wash away the cobwebs after a night on the town on Friday.


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