15 Oct 2011 - Crazy crazy fronts

Location : St Kilda
Kite : 10m Switchblade
Conditions : 17-35 knot westerly

Headed down to St Kilda for a quick session whilst my parents looked after the boys.  Always tricky to get out at St Kilda now - lots of beginners doing unusual things with their kites.  The first 45 minutes was fantastic - did a couple of the standard tricks and had a lot of fun - then everything changed.  It blew up to around 35 knots and got crazy.
Knowing that the prediction from predictwind was a little unusual I had headed a long way out just in case a big gust hit.  It was still a bit of a surprise not being able to back off the kite enough - it was blowing very hard and I had to use all my nous just to keep from being blown away.  Managed to head back in to kite another day.  

Bit surprised there wasn't more carnage - a lot of folks were seriously overpowered.  Its always good to know your limits and pull the pin if things are looking shady.


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