27 April - Perfect northerly at Frankston - glorious day

Fantastic forecast, kids with my parents - bring on the kiting.  Pete and I headed down to Frankston and were greeted by 25 knots consistent wind, a nice little surf and beautiful water.  We played around for about half an hour in the small surf, then did a downwinder to Mt Eliza and beyond.

Unfortunately I cut my hand somewhere in proceedings and it just would not stop bleeding profusely, I had to keep sucking the blood of my hand for fear of it leaving too much of a trail in the water.  I ended up having to turn us around, as it was becoming ridiculous.  It didn't stop bleeding for another hour or so - crazy stuff.

Tried the indy glide - its very close - but stuffed up a few darkslides.  Great conditions for the small kite today.


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