25 April - Anzac day kite

Went down to Aspendale to grab the north westerly.  Almost had a mishap at launch when the left line wrapped around the bar, but managed to disentangle pretty quickly.  Just enough wind to stay upwind for about 1 hour, then the wind started to get patchy.  I headed in, but noticed a beginner dropping his kite quite a bit out to sea - probably about 200m out.  I walked back up to the beach to try and get out to him on the declining wind, but it dropped out completely.  Packed up my stuff, put it in the car and the guy has dissapeared.  The idiot had deflated his kite - effectively turning his life raft into an anchor - amazing.
A guy with a kayak headed out, and I swam out to give him a hand.  He seemed to think that the breeze was blowing offshore and he needed to deflate - he would have been way better off sitting on one end and sailing the thing in.  Lucky escape from the darwin award.


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