10 Aug 2013 - Morning glory at Rosebud

Spectacular morning after a very cold day.  Tarren, Pete and I arrived at Rosebud with barely 10 knots blowing, in the expectation of 25 knots overnight and 17 knots on the charts.  Luckily .... Pete had the sector 60 onboard, so while Pete set up I borrowed Tarren's 11m kite and the sector 60.  That thing cranks in low wind, I was able to go upwind and really plain in very little wind.  Almost managed to gybe the thing too, be good to get that down.

The wind picked up a little so I headed back in, grabbed my kite for a nice flat water session.  My rib is still hurting a little, but beautiful to be out on the water in the sunshine.  Came back in after a while and gave Pete a go on my kite and board.  Took the opportunity to grab some shots of Tarren.

and Pete in his "onesy" (underneath the dry suit)


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