03 Nov 2013 - Inverloch - Ripping wind, big tour

After an abandoned session where about 40 knots came ripping through (standing near the beach becomes painful in these conditions), Pete and I returned with a mere 30 knots ripping through.  Small kites were the order of the day, so I chucked the 7 up. Very well powered, we were able to tour upwind to the surf life saving club fairly easily.  Along the way, we managed to call in to a speed run arena - a spit of sand next to a deep channel with beautiful flat water - which was a joy.

Near the surf club the waves were barreling up - it was close to the biggest surf I've been out in with the kite.  There were some amazing peaks pulling through.  Had a fantastic time posing for some shots - little was I to know the camera was off centre and missing me.  I could be relishing me giving the thumbs up whilst being totally wiped out by an unsuspecting wave right now.

I headed back to Pete in the mouth of the inlet and noticed a massive front pushing through.  After much gesturing, I got him to follow me back in but halfway through the side of the front hit us.  I was really overpowered, it must have been over 35 knots.  Kite was fully depowered, and I was getting lofted fairly often.  Being massively upwind, I decided to just go with it and try some big jumps, luckily it subsided as we got back.

All round an amazing session, ticked off something I've always wanted to do.


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