22 Mar 2014 - Day 1 Kitesurfing weekend

James and I hit Hampton at 9:30, hoping for a big day on the water.  There was a nice 18 knot breeze blowing so we quickly setup.  Got out on the twintip and quickly felt pain in my left foot - overdoing it last weekend resulted in some kind of strain in my foot.  I'd taken Tarren's surfboard down so I quickly jumped onto that, which let me go upwind a fair bit easier and removed the pain entirely.  Throughout the session I changed boards 5 or 6 times, depending on how strong the wind was.
I made some good progress with the surfboard, I learnt to take the back foot out of the straps pretty much all the time and was able to gybe about 1 in 3 turns.  Gybing is hard - I tried a couple of different variations, transitioning feet before changing direction and after.  Guess what - its all tricky - particularly with small waves coming in all directions.


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