12 July 2014 - Hampton electric

Amazing morning session.  Very consistent forecast seemingly out of nowhere.  I met up with Eric down at Hampton, and headed out with the 10m in about 20 knots with the twintip.  Great wind for jumping so I got back into rotational tricks, really fun in the small swell.  A bit of rain came through and as I did a jump, I got a shock in my left knee.  I thought I must have strained a ligament or something, until my next jump where I felt something in both legs.  A bigger jump yielded shocks in both legs and arms, particularly around elbow and knee joints.
I was obviously picking up static electricity from the storm clouds above.
I decided to keep the kite low and head out past the storm clouds - the clouds were almost past me so I thought this would work better than heading in.  It seemed to work out fine, but there was a few nervous moments once I'd figured out what was going on.
Eric was having some problems so I went in, gave him my board and took out the surfboard.  Magnificent fun surfing the small waves, particularly in the second groyne section.  All up a magnificent session.

Now lets play a game - spot the rock groyne.


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