19 Oct 2014 - Rosebud on everyone elses kite

Tore down to Rosebud to grab a very promising northerly and met up with Tarren and Pete on the beach.  Unfortunately it didn't come through as expected and the guys had 3 kites pumped so I jumped on Tarren's 11m edge.  There wasn't quite enough wind to really enjoy the kite, just enough to enjoy a kite on the surfboard and then a walk back.  I changed over to the Airrush 12m and some stronger wind came through, making for a great 20-30 minutes.

It was great to try a couple of different kites - both of them deliver a lot of power.  The edge doesn't turn quite as well, but I remember it being great for hangtime and stability while you are doing tricks - something I couldn't test out today.  The Airrush was fantastic for the conditions, a hell of an almost square surface area delivered a lot of power and very quick turning ability, I'd be fascinated to see what it would be like in the middle of a rotation cause I reckon it would loop real quick and leave you in a possibly horrendous situation.  Looks like I need to test a bit more !


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