2015 04 11 - Got lucky

Lucky punch of wind from 4 to 5 on a totally unexpected day.  Headed down to Hampton with James, Pete and Eric.  A nice 18 knot breeze was blowing, so I tried the usual sequences - riding blind (fail), backroll to toeside (fail), jumps with kiteloops (yeah!), backroll kiteloops, rotations, backrolls, butterslides it was all going on.  Tried unhooked raleys and was overcome, as ever, of the power of the kite when unhooking.  Got a galey in I reckon, but the whole thing definitely needs some work.

Things were going sweet until Pete got a bit excited with doing downwind kiteloops and very very nearly took me out after 4 in sequence.  He crashed his kite to avoid totally cleaning me up - and got dragged in to green point.  He seemed happy enough with the adventure, I packed up and ran off to Greek Easter.  Magnificent session.


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