2015 04 19 - All over the shop

That was perhaps the most variable session I've ever experienced.  After waiting most of the weekend for a decent set of wind with no hail, a small window opened on Sunday afternoon. Pete, Stu and I dashed down to Mentone.  Just as I arrived a squall set in.  Given that the day had been so up and down, I took out the small kite - and within seconds I was glad that I did.  About 30 knots hit, with rain, but great to be well powered on the small kite.
From there it was all over the shop, 25 knots one minute, 10 the next.  Got some big air, but struggled with rotational tricks given the variability of the wind.  Still managed to push through for 1 hour 20 minutes, just loving being out on the water.


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