2015 05 31 - Breakfast with the lot

James and I went down to Frankston for an invisible session - that one where you get up at 6, tear down the beach and be home before the wives get up - and were greeted not just with a ripping 20 knot north westerly, but also Pete in super spy mode (i.e. turning up largely unannounced).  We were all wrapped to be on a beach with a good bit of wind and some time on our side - a rare occurance.
The small surf was rolling in at Frankston and was an absolute joy.  The wind wasn't cranking (yet) so I did some backroll kiteloops and a range of rotations with a range of success.
After about an hour, had a chat to James, then Pete and I decided to do a down and back run to Mornington.  All went well on the way down, I noticed that from about Mt. Eliza on the wind was picking up, the jumps I took to give my legs some relief were getting bigger and bigger.  Finally got to the southern point of Mornington and the wind was really cranking - about 30 knots and some big waves were rearing up.  I turned around immediately and realised that I had to get cracking - big cloud fronts were appearing in front of the distant mountain ranges - raising the possibility of even stronger winds.  I was already finding it difficult to hold down the kite, totally depowered I was having to work real hard just to keep from flying away.  I felt like I only had one tiny fin the water and was skimming along, half on the water, half on the air.  I've never been so happy that Frankston has a bit of a wind shadow - as soon as we entered the Frankston bay the wind backed off about 10 knots making everything manageable again.
I was stoked to see James still kiting and enjoying himself - no wonder as the wind had whipped up some fantastic waves.  I had another 20 minutes off carving some waves before giving it a rest after a solid 2 hours.  Amazing session.


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