2015 05 07 - Early bird gets the Jesus superman

Headed down to Hampton to meet up with James and Stu.  I got to south road and saw Pete out on the horizon with his kite.  Pete did the secret agent trick and rolled up early - surprise !
Dan and Mike true to form went wherever we were not - choosing to go to Brighton instead of Hampton - weird.
The session was fantastic, rock solid wind of around 20 to 25 knots.  Westerly to north westerly, so we were able to go upwind with ease.  The section inbetween the rock groynes was beautiful flat water, absolutely magnificent.  With the nice flat water I actually managed to land some riding blind's - probably 3 in total - fantastic to get it happening after so many stacks.  Rotations were a bit of a challenge for me today - I didn't land too many of them.  Did land a couple of double backrolls though.

At one stage I got to see James run his new trick - the Jesus superman.  He landed a jump in that awkward position of back to kite, after which it looped and full credit to him - he pulled through the whole loop.  The end effect was him flying like superman along the top of the water - sensational.

Great way to start the day!


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