2016 10 30 - Ambitious Barwon river session

For the Melbourne cup weekend, we had decided on mixing it up a bit from the standard Inverloch 4 day weekend.  We headed to Barwon heads, a place with a few more shops for the ladies and some new kiting locations for the boys.
I woke early to a fairly strong north westerly, so I thought I'd give the river a go.  I woke up at 630, checked it out, then tried to wake Pete with an SMS.  No dice as he'd been up playing pokemon!  I waited around until 715, then went solo over to the south of the Barwon river.  Luckily the tide was out a little, so I had a limited amount of sand to set up on.  Wind was intermittently howling through, so I went small kite.  Once up in air, I got the first signs that this wasnt such a great idea.  Very up and down.  Hit the water and it was all over the place, enough wind for a jump sometimes, then I'd have to loop the kite to get enough power to land.  I did about 6 runs before starting to get close to the powerlines.  Lesson learned - not worth kiting there on a northerly.


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