06 Feb 2011 Aspendale - end of the rain

Location : Aspendale
Kite : 10m Switchblade IDS
Conditions : 18-24 knots southerly

First time out after some big rain.  I went south to Aspendale expecting the water to be blue and the beach clear - unfortunately it looked like the Yarra river - heaps of debris on the beach, including a plastic street barricade (the kind you fill with water).  The water was brown.  I forgot that a lot of flooding occurred in the se suburbs, the Patterson river was apparently awful.
The wind was good most of the time, it would drop off every now and again to around 10 then come barrelling back.  Very choppy.  No real progression today, I'm still pretty sick with a hell of a cough.  Great to get out and active though.


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