05 Mar 2011 - Phillip Island

Location : Phillip Island, Cleeland Bight
Kite : 10m Switchblade IDS, 12m Noise, 10m Switchblade IDS
Conditions : 15 knots easterly, 20 knots easterly

Got out for 2 sessions.
1st session in the afternoon was pretty lame - just enough wind every now and again to do a couple of runs, then wait around.  Had a go on Peters Noise kite - it had enough power to have some fun, but not quite enough to have a ball.  Turns quite well for a big kite, but handles very differently to the little kites I have been flying.  Pete is often having trouble stacking it in the water and relaunching - so don't think I'll be in a big hurry to buy one.

Amazing session later on - after dinner we rushed down to the beach, hit the beach at 7:30 with a strong wind blowing.  Fantastic fun - total action - and at last enough wind to have some fun.  I was a little anxious being on such an open stretch of water at feeding time, but great fun for the hour we were out.  We returned home around 9:00 very happy boys.


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