05 Jun 2011 - Beautiful brighton day

Location :Brighton
Kite : 10m Switchblade
Conditions : 15-25 knots northerly

Bit of an enforced winter break - lack of daylight savings constrains kitesurfing opportunities to the weekend.  Beautiful day with a strong northerly all day let us get out really early - about 8:30 start.  Light at first in close - brighton is always a bit iffy on a northerly so its always a bit tricky to know whether to go out further to get better wind or stay in close and stay safe.  Its not really the place to pull off any massive tricks in a northerly - if anything goes wrong its a one way ticket to antartica.  
No progression today - did one backloop and a forward rotation, a few hand in water transitions but by the time the wind picked up to around 20 I was starting to tire.  Feel like a bit of a sleep now !  Can't wait for the next session.


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