19 Jun 2011 - Consistent northerly at Brighton

Location :Brighton
Kite : 10m Switchblade
Conditions : 15-25 knots north-westerly

One of the most consistent northerly breezes I've seen at Brighton.  Had about 1.5 hours out in fantastic conditions.  Good opportunity to consolidate skills, managed backrolls and 360 forwards in both directions.  Stuffed up a raley and learnt again that the water is quite cold - I'd hate to be in it for any length of time.  Had a terrible crash - tried a reverse 360 on my good side and totally stuffed it up - I was about the same level as the kite and came down with the board square underneath me.  Lucky that I didn't break anything - board or body.  Managed to pull off an inverted twist on both sides - ace.
Still astounded that some folks persist in going out with a leash but without a helmet - terrible accidents happen this way.  


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